The FAI Jury is of the opinion, that receivers containing vario-meter function are not allowed to use during the coming F3K world championship. The jury is unanimous in this question, as there is no possibility to control the usage of the vario-meter function.   “The Jury dealt with the letter received from the French Team Manager and doesn’t change the previous statement regarding the vario question.”   From the CD One clarification and correction after the Team manager meeting. In round 6 we will fly All Up. We must add one minute NO testflying also before the first flight. I told differently at the meeting. We will of course communicate this clearly also to you on the filed but please spread the word about this. We will have 3 min preparation time followed by 1 minute testflying time and then 1 minute NO flying before the first flight. Looking in the rules after the meeting we found that its according to the rules for me as CD to give a 0 for the round if someone from the same team helps the pilot (Violates the rule about NO help during the task).      HungaryCzech Republicaustria   ItalyGERM0001LithuaniaSwitzerlandIsraelSouth AfricaCanadaFinlandKazakhstanSwedenFrance   NetherlandsDenmarkCroatiaJAPANBelgiumSlovakia POLA0001New ZealandbritainaustraliaUSAChinaRomâniaSingaporeTurkey UkraineRussian