Payment Information

  • Since in case of each bank transfer the receiving bank deduct the handling fee for the wire (that is at lease 5,02 EUR but can be even more, even in case of wire transfer within the EU), please pay attention to this, and upon arranging wire transfer, please indicate that you take all handling fees and other related costs, as financing such costs is imperative for all who make the payment.
  • We would like o ask everyone to send us an e-mail after any payment is arranged, and state what have you paid for so we can identify it correctly.
  • Once the payment is successfully received, you will be able to check the updated status here at the website, under the related menu point.  
Beneficiary: Magyar Modellezésért Program Alapítvány Name of the Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. Address of the Bank: 1054 Akadémia utca 6., Budapest, Hungary Bank Account number: 12010855-01517551-00200007 IBAN: HU89-12010855-01517551-00200007 SWIFT CODE: UBRTHUHB